WRSA Conference Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 15-18, 2017
Dr. Phil Watson and Haley Hildebrandt represented the University of Idaho with a presentation on Economic Development - Business Climate is in the Eye of the EmployerDr. Greg Alward, Dr. Phil Watson and Dr. G. Taylor (not in attendance) representing the University of Idaho presented An Urban-Rural Interregional Social Accounting Matrix approach estimating fiscal flows between regions: An Example from Idaho.   Paul A. Lewin, Dr. Philip Watson, and Anna Brown presented Surviving the Great Recession - The influence of inequality in U.S. urban counties.   Dr. Greg Alward, representing the University of Idaho served as a discussant on the panel for Trade - Why some new firms export - The importance of the Board of DirectorsDr. Steve Cooke presented a paper by Stephen Cooke & David Kay (Alward Institute for Collaborative Science) and Dr. Greg Alward & Dr. Philip Watson (University of Idaho) on  A sector’s contribution to the economy: Compared with the Approaches Suggested by IMPLAN.   Dr. Steve Cooke, representing the Alward Institute for Collaborative Science, served as a discussant on the panel for Yield spreads, the exchange rate, and recession predictability for Northern Mexico border Economies.